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         My name is Tricia Cunningham I believe that no one wakes up in the morning, looks in the morning and says, ‘I want to gain 150 pounds and I’m going to start this moment.
      I am a Health Care Expert, Certified Weight Loss Counselor, Master Life Coach,  Speaker, Author, Media & public relations Agent. I help people build a better self, a better future.
        I am the author of a best-selling diet book, The Reverse Diet, which was featured on the Today Show and many other TV shows and news programs. I have coached thousands of people over the years in weight loss, self-esteem, success, and business. I take a professional and personal approach to helping you fulfill your dreams and your potential.

     Tricia also hosts a weekly radio show called “Chew On This” which covers a wide range of topics, from weight loss and recipes to current events, books, and more.

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Healthy Eating For Kids

Healthy Eating For Kids Essential For Your Children’s Well-being Teach your kids to eat healthfully and they will learn healthy eating habits that will reward them with a lifetime of good health. All kids can be taught to be healthy eaters. The best time to start is when they are infants. But even older children, with the proper encouragement and motivation, can learn to eat healthfully and enjoy healthy food.… General Guidelines To Help Get Your Kids Eating Healthfully 1. Get the whole family involved. 2. Choose only fresh whole foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, a little whole grains and healthy proteins. 3. Sit down with your child and together list some healthy foods that your...

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