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  1. Kick start super foods for quick results
  2. Never be hungry on a diet again!
  3. Eat more food and lose weight
  4. Powerful food combinations to keep the fat burning roaring
  5. Stop cravings for good!
  6. Tip the scales against pills, gimmicks, & pre-packaged foods-Save $ and your health
  7. Get the whole family involved – no one is immune to weight loss & good health
  8. Have ultimate energy without caffeine or stimulates
  9. “Back off!” Is a new phrase you need to learn & fast
  10. Detox, detox, detox with food & drink

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Enjoy your biggest meal at breakfast, then gradually eat less throughout the day with a normal-sized lunch and a lighter dinner. Now that does not mean an entire pepperoni pizza in the morning and cheese cake for dinner, however, eating the right foods at the right time will lead to Ultimate Success.

Detox your fat burning machine, the liver. Hot lemon water is a natural diuretic.  Drink at least 3 to 4 cups of hot lemon water a day to help cleanse your liver and your entire body.

Grab a bowl of uncooked oatmeal with cranberry juice to shed belly fat fast. Oatmeal will not only clean you out, it will help with cravings and stabilize your insulin levels rev up your metabolism

Hold the cup of “Joe” or at least limit your daily intake to 1 cup per day. Caffeine makes you retain water and prohibit fat loss. Your body has its own natural energy when it is properly fed and watered so let flow.

Forget about going to the gym with this protein charged super food on your grocery list. Tofu/Soy is fabulous alone or mixed with anything; salads, pastas, soups, deserts, etc. Say bye-bye to that loose hanging skin and hello to tone.

There is no envy when it comes to weight loss. The more greens and green vegetables you eat, the faster the weight comes off. Kale, collards, spinach, broccoli, and mixed greens are a few.

Save your money and your health. The worst thing you could do to your body and your health is take diet pills, hone into gimmicks, and pre-packaged foods. They may help you lose weight by starving yourself, but who wants to do that and not to mention the long term affects they have on your liver.

Tune it up with turnips! Trade your white potatoes for the “other white vegetable”. Mash up some boiled turnip cubes for a delicious, nutrient-rich and powerful weight loss friend. You have just taken a 100 calorie meal into a 35 calorie delight.

Ever take a deep breath when eating and say, “I’m full.” You actually are and it’s your body’s natural defense to be sure it’s not overworked, so stop when you do it! It’s that simple.

Dinner dates, parties, & family gatherings are sometimes the biggest obstacle a person on a diet faces. When you are faced with grandma offering you her famous 800 calorie piece of apple pie, there is nothing wrong with politely saying, “No thank you.” Granma will forget about it but if you give in, your body will remember every calorie.